Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Clean Water

Our drinking water has become contaminated with a plethora of noxious agents. Bottled water is no safer than tap water and may contain chemicals leeched from the plastic bottles. The only options for guaranteed safe water are distilled and reverse osmosis. There are benefits and drawbacks for each approach. However, both these technologies are substantially less expensive than bottled water over time but require a modest initial investment.


Table top distillers, such as MegaHome are very portable for people living in rental properties. It is like a large coffee maker. The water is absolutely pure and very safe. Distillation works by boiling the water off and collecting the steam, cooling and condensing it, allowing it to collect in a carafe. This process leaves behind all the impurities, including fluoride. The water should also be filtered, which is a standard component of most distillers.  The main drawback is the material left behind after the water is boiled off. Once you see that, you’ll never want to drink tap water again!

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis filtration is a popular option. I use an APEC model that is installed under a sink. It takes up a bit of room but once installed allows for free flowing water from its own tap. This allows you to easily wash fruits and vegetables and fill pots for cooking. To maintain its use, you must replace some of the filter elements on an annual basis and the main RO filter every five years. While you might want a plumber for the initial installation, it is a simple procedure to replace the filter elements yourself. Reverse osmosis is technically not as effective as distillation in removing contaminants, but it is more than adequate for your health.

No matter which water you drink, don’t forget to take your trace minerals.

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  1. Good day, We use a Brita water filtration system – its a portable plastic jug. We change the filter every month or two (there are only two of us in the house). How effective is this system?
    Kind regards, Glynn.

    1. Glynn it does remove some toxins but leaves most in the water, including fluoride and metals. In addition, chemicals leach from the plastic jug into the water. The only options for guaranteed purity are the ones I wrote about in the article.

        1. Rain water picks up contaminants from the air. Have you ever had dust/sand on your car the morning after washing it? That’s in the air, and microscopic ‘elements’ will always be present in rainwater. Plus, things could fall in your open container!

          1. I have two Berkey filtration units, one in my office and one at home, with the Flouride filters. I also have distillation equipment at home, and this has given me the idea to collect a sample of tap water filtered through the Berkey black filters and Fluoride-specifi filters, and then distill and see if any residue is left over.
            I will do this tomorrow, and post back here my results.

    2. Also noticed bottled water after it sits for 6 months it turned pink. At less deerprake water. I was wondering if that was fluoride. I love living off the grid I love my well water. + we have here a $15.000 water treatment system. Just don’t understand why we have to add salt. Thank you.

      1. I listened to an interview some time ago – I THINK it may have been Dr Bruce Lipton – who said well water can be very highly contaminated…

  2. Hi Glynn I wouldn’t recommend Brita filters because they don’t remove fluoride, also charcoal filters leave residues that quickly become a breeding ground for pathogenic organisms especially during hot weather.
    At a push maybe filtering bottled water through them is safe to drink because it removes plastics and petrochemicals. But change them regularly and place in the fridge

    1. So RO would be the best choice? Also do you have to supplements with minerals in order to not be deficient?

      1. My wife and I had a Kinetico RO installed 23 years ago and it has worked quite well. We get it tested yearly just to be sure of its effectiveness. It’s used daily for liters of water for drinking and cooking and so the dual filters require changing twice per year. I change them myself and each change costs a bit over $200. Yes, not cheap, but it holds a large reservoir for immediate use. Water is the basis of life and good water is paramount. Drink good, not bad. Cheers!

  3. Yes, We’ve been using reverse osmosis already 20 years ago, it’s a good way to purify water. But as you said, the maintenance is needed such as new filters, etc. My point is what happens when we cannot get new filters to maintain it?

  4. I have a portable filtering system (structured water) I pour water through it a few times. It doesn’t purify, but it structures the water by energizing it and supposedly “cleans it.” (Check Clayton Nolte or Dr. Emoto) sort of like a stream. Not sure I personally like it a lot. I also use the alkalized water from the health store. (no brand mentioned) p.s. I have no affiliation with any company – I teach)

  5. the stinking scum left in bottom of my water distiller each time is analogous to the monsters who want and cause us to drink it.

    dr kaufman you are awesome! sincere thanks and good wishes to you.

    1. Yes Kate, I’ve been drinking my home-distilled water for 23yrs. Good to hear Dr Kaufman put his seal of approval on it, as so many Drs/nurses/friends over the years have said it leaches minerals from the body. It only removes the dangerous inorganic ones that our body can’t use and would otherwise store in our joints and (I think!) our circulatory system… 😊

  6. I have watched your videos describing exosomes and how they may be mistaken for viruses. It seems you are saying that viruses may not exist, only exosomes?
    In the early 1980s my dear friend, Ralph Ramsey, worked at the Ga. Dept of Health. He was the “state” virologist and in his lab was an electron microscope. I visited him often and learned a lot about “viruses”, or so I thought. Now, you have me wondering what is “really” going on.

    He passed on several years ago, so I cannot ask him about exosomes.

    I called the department yesterday and they told me I would have to call the CDC.
    I feel certain that would be a complete waste of time.

    Any clarification will be appreciated.

    1. Priscilla Ross-fox

      I would also like some clarification on this. Why are there antivirals if there is not such thing as a virus?
      I believe most of us have grown up believing there are viral and bacterial causes for disease.

  7. I feel for the journey of discovery that becomes that of greater alignment in our true lives rather than fixation on the externals from a sense of lack and fear.

    I find a lot about water that is still being uncovered. I am not attracted to a demineralised water as I see water as ‘hungry’ for solutes and will take them from your body. However If I lived in Flint Michigan or similar I would look into remineralising water.
    I currently use a Berkey – we also have an undertap filter. I don’t have fluoride added where I live. I have explored vortexing as I see social behaviour in water that contains information and vortexing destructures such ‘memory domains’ which do not even have to be continuous. (Lots of stuff from Gerald Pollack – and also his facilitating of International water conferences etc – as well as Victor Schauberger). Water is the medium of life on Earth – it is also serves the ionised self-organising plasmas of galactic patterning of filaments and domains.
    Re-structuring in the sense of field influences is many dimensioned – but in very simple terms I find to decant filtered water to large kilner jar – add a pinch of Himalayan (or sea) salt and a tip of a spoon of sodium bicarbonate and then play with a hand mixer blender while marvelling at the nature of vortexes – offers another quality and silkiness. I used a nutribullet (with magnets) for a while. I am happy to play with things as making relationship rather than setting identity in correctness. Extension of your relational field as a result of opening relationship is ‘structuring your water’. A truly integrative positive rises from yielding to the wellspring of life, and not pumped up or hypermotivationally driven – but you can only begin any journey from where you actually are and not where you might think you are or wish to be. But in a true play we can of course give permission to let the movement of joy have some act of expression – just because.
    Notice the narratives that demand sacrifice of joy in the moment at hand and let curiosity grow in place of blame or cover story. Honouring the truly felt may not in itself joyful excepting in the release of a burden of struggle and denial.
    Nothing in the world will be ‘ideal’ but the demand for that will deny our life here and now and see what is wrong with everything or everyone from a self isolating lockdown of defended judgements based on symbols mistaken for truth.
    There is SO much we have back to front that – once you get past “being lied to” – means the way is no longer blocked by false belief running as true as basis for framing our responses or reactions.
    There is Communication in Everything, Everywhere but what we need is the way of accessing what we need when we need it and this is being simply present with what is here and what is going on within us. You are not just the character in the scene – you are also the relational field that the drama discards.

  8. Pedro E Montellano

    Dear Dr Kaufman,
    Do you have an opinion on Ozone water purification systems?
    Does Ozone really purify water?
    Thank you

  9. Thank you for speaking truth Dr. Kaufman. I have an echo water system from synergy science, are you familiar with it? It’s like the Kagan but self cleans . Paul Barreterio’s company. He’s featured on Robert Scott Bell show a lot.


    1. Hello there – I also have an Echo machine, with filtration and production of hydrogen – what is a good test kit we can use to test the water? I know that will need to get an external additional filter for filtering fluoride. Any suggestions for a test, please?

  10. I have a Big Berkey too, without fluoride filters because here in Italy we don’t have fluoride added to water. I think it’s the best option, water tastes great and its filters don’t remove useful minerals but pretty every contaminant, toxin, virus, bacteria etc
    Moreover they are very long lasting

  11. Dr. Kaufman, are Berkey water filters effective? would it be worth it to order one? what is your opinion on them.

  12. Erika Santander

    Good day, I use Adya Clarity filtration system which comes with Micro-Ceramic filter and 4 Layer Earth Filter. I was wondering how effective this filtration system is?
    Thank you!

  13. I use Zerowater.

    BRITA filters are crap, but luckily Zerowater makes a filter that fits the BRITA pitcher.

    Zerowater also comes with a tester that shows how many dissolved solids are in the water. The only problem with the tester is that it does not detect biological contaminants. It does seem to work well for chemicals, though.

    I would love to know what Dr. Kaufman has to say about these gravity filters such as Zerowater and Berkey. Dr. Adams ran some tests and liked both.

    1. I’ve used a water distiller for 23yrs and tried the Berkeley system. The thing is, with any system that uses a filtration medium, the contaminants are going to build up in the filter.
      I know that Zerowater says to change the filter when the (supplied) TDS (total dissolved solids) meter reads 6 ppm, but with a distiller, the water always tests at 0ppm, which I prefer.
      (When asked, I tell people that I get my minerals & trace elements from the raw fruits & veg that I consume daily)

  14. “Fluoridated Water Is Public Murder On A Grand Scale” – Dr. Dean Burk
    These are the diseases linked to fluoride and aluminum, which are both added to our drinking water. I have taken screen shots of the top ten at the link below, but there are plenty more.

    This information is taken from http://ctdbase.org/ which is a Comparative Toxicogenomics Database. It also provides the scientific data to back this up.

    At the top of the list for both is Alzheimer Disease. Further down you will see between them diseases like Parkinson, autism, memory disorders, learning disorders, cognitive disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and host of other diseases. Our ability to think and our memory is under attack through the addition of these elements in our drinking water. These elements combine to work synergisticaly together to slowly destroy our brains. “No one is immune from these poisons in our water when it is artificially fluoridated.”

    I have put together on my fluoride site information as to how deadly these toxins are to us. You can go to the link below for more information.

    Fluoride worst than we thought. Cures That Kill?

    “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.” – Dr. Dean Burk – Welcome to Fluoride Free Sudbury

    Stop Giving Fluoride Toothpaste to Children. You are poisoning them.

    What is fluoride. Best explanation Yet.

    Health Canada Admits, in a reply to a freedom of information request, they can supply no evidence that fluoridation is safe or effective

    Introduction to the Subject of Fluoridation – Fluorine Apathy

    Peer-reviewed articles from mainstream medical, dental, and scientific journals worldwide

    More Studies

    Corruption and Scientific Fraud at the EPA. How it affects water fluoridation safety standards everywhere.

    What Happens When Your Government Chooses to Side-Step Scientific Truth? Corrupt to the Core.
    Water Fluoridation: A Violation of Human Rights, the Health Care Consent Act and the Nuremberg Code

    Striving for safe drinking water

  15. arthur washburn

    An old lady i knew at work described me this method for ridding tap water of the chlorine added. Just take a container [i use old glass 1 litre whiskey bottles] and fill it with water. Leaving it 3/4 or so filled leaves a larger surface area for air contact. [i don’t fill the bottles neck area.] The chlorine will quite rapidly evaporate. I just fill four bottles and leave ’em on top of the fridge. You can smell chlorine when you take a bath. I used to buy gallons of spring water b4 this lady shared. I’m poor and this saved me a lot of money, as it was my only real concern. I should take a bit more interest in other contaminants described in this article.

  16. Any feedback about everpure filters? We use microguard pro 4. The filtered water is restructured (smaller clusters = better hydration) and mineralized in vitalizer plus. The end result tastes amazing and smooth. No effort to finish a large glass of water in one shot.

  17. Question for anyone who cares to answer. I am fortunate to have public water without fluoride where i live as well as a shockingly good water quality report year after year comparative to others i have read. Also have a fridge with a filtered water system. Out of habit was using the filtered water from the fridge. Drinks tons of water (gallon a day usually) yet never felt properly hydrated. Just the other day i was feeling lazy and just filled a glass from the bathroom sink. Almost immediately i just felt better aka hydrated properly. Past few days have been drinking all my water from the tap and have yet to feel that non_hydrated feeling that the filtered water was seemingly causing. Any thoughts from anyone why the filtered would have me feeling horrible whereas the tap has me feeling incredible? Not a single other change in diet exercise supplementation sleep or any other obvious factors.

  18. Dear, Dr. Kaufman;
    Many thanks for t he tremendous woek you have contibuted to make clear the truth about this “imaginary cause of dis ease, alack of ease, a 5th or 7th version of this patent, at the US PATENT OFFICE, contact thema and get your copies, I got my copies
    of 3 of them! As you clearly told us in your presentation that the CDC and P, what I affectionately call the CENTER FOR DISEASE CAUSATION and PROLIFERATION, especially the E.I.S. and their dastarly task, to promote epidemic/pandemic!!
    At, any rate, thanks againe and for the CLAN WATER which is one of the basic keys to good health and I have had the bes according to the testing of both the NSF Intl and the EWG have done wherein THE MULTI PURE Drinking Water System comes in Nr ! of all the 4-7k systems tested for a wide range of contaminants and the New England Journal of Medicine as on of the foremost prevetions of breast Cancer, the solid carbon block filtratiion , the patented filtration ssystem, I highly reccomend that folkes look into MultiPure.com and look at the 50 year history and proof of the finest in water filtrations, tested for over 50years!!, been drinking it since 1982 and it is the BEST!! THANKS YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE and stance for TRUTH in MEDICINE! “I SHALL GIVE NO POISON TO ANYONE IF ASKED….” OATH TO AESCALAPIAN/Imhotep! Leave us remember the workds a f a great Dr. Dr Robert Menelsohn from Chicago area, he onse stated that Antohoy Fauci was the DR MEGELE of the US!! Just lool at his record of how much death and destructiion he and his whife have caused to the people of this country!!
    Tarik El from the Temple of Wellness and Wholeness

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