Let's Connect

I have several offerings and topics that you can connect with me about.

  • Interview Request
    If you host or manage a podcast, radio or video show and would like to interview me.
  • Research Contribution
    If you have information to share with me about your health related research and/or you’d like to collaborate on a project.
  • Topic Suggestion
    If you want me to create a video on a health related topic that I have not previously covered.
  • Obtain Permission
    If you want to obtain permission to use and/or share my content.
  • Testimonial
    If you heard or read something of mine that benefited you in some way.
  • General Questions or Comments
    Ask or tell me anything you like.
  • Personal Health Consultation
    If you want to schedule a one-on-one health consultation. 
  • Cancelling a Consultation
    If you need to cancel your appointment with me choose this option. (48 hour notice is required)
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