A collaborative film by Spacebusters and Dr. Andrew Kaufman about how authentic medicine was hijacked by the power elite and turned into a deadly, sickness for profit industry.

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39 thoughts on “Hippocratic Hypocrisy”

  1. Very informative on the history of Medicine . I had no idea that it all began the way this film explained.

    1. Love the film! Here’s a thought on part 2…

      WHO ARE “THEY”

      “THEY” are the Ruling Families of the Jesuit Council, a.k.a. Illuminati bloodlines, a.k.a. black nobility, and their lineage goes back to the Pagan bloodlines of Babylonia, Greece, and the Roman Empire……Farnese, Borja (the common image of Yashua [Jesus]is actually Cesare Borja), Colonna, Gaetano (Caetano), Medici, Savelli, Pamphili, Orsini, Aldobrandini/Borghese, Chigi, Breakspeare, Este, Somaglia, Sforza, Massimo, Torlonia, Pallavacini, Este, Barberini, Gonzaga, Albani, and Conti. Some of these surnames have died out due to no male heirs, but the bloodlines still exist and control everything about your life. You NEVER hear about them in mainstream media, you will find very little information about them on the internet, and that’s the way they want it.

      They do not worship God, in fact they have hidden God behind the veil of heliocentrism, big bang theory, and evolution, and there is ZERO evidence of any of those, there are only theories. They have deceived the masses into believing that they are worshipping YHWH, the God of the Bible, when, in reality, they are worshipping Baal. Their goals are to fulfill Biblical prophecy, create world economic meltdown (Central Banking System and the Fractional Reserve Banking system which creates money out of thin air which causes the cost of goods to inflate and they own it all), create a fake alien invasion (which is why they needed to create “space) then they will bring out the antichrist disguised as Jesus (gee…who calls himself the Vicar of Christ on earth…I wonder…THE POPE) to save the world and create a New World Order.

      They have produced over 45 Popes, antipopes and an untold number of Cardinals and Archbishops. They killed JFK, JFK Jr., RFK, MLK, John Lennon, William I of Orange, Anwar Sadat, Franz Ferdinand, among many, many other assassinations including 5 unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I of England, though they did get her foreign minister.
      They control what is taught in our schools, preached in our churches, mainstream media, what is in the music we love, movies, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. The Jesuits took over the education systems in Europe in the late 1500’s, granted by the Vatican. Their Rockafeller Institute dictated what is taught in the U.S. Look up the Tavistock Institute and its influence on modern propaganda.
      They had Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII change the calendar to make it almost impossible for followers of YHWH to maintain His Sabbath. When you apply the original luni-solar calendar to the Gregorian calendar the Sabbath falls on rotating days of the week every 29/30 days.

      They use false flags to start every war, financing both sides, including 9/11. They paid the rent for Copernicus, Johannes Keplar, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Galileo. Newton was President, and Darwin and his father were members of the British Royal Society at Jesuit Oxford University. They created the Jesuit Order in 1541. Basically the Roman Empire never went away, they just moved across town to the Vatican. Constantine had it correct….you cannot control a population by being their leader, but you CAN through RELIGION and using the Inquisitions and crusades to force everyone to convert to your religion.

      Under their rule is the Council of 300 which includes criminals like our Presidents and many members of their cabinets as well as high ranking members of the Congress and the Military.. That spreads out into high ranking members of the Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, its European counterpart, European and Asian nobility, and of course we cannot forget our old friend Henry Kissinger. They control the Trilateral Commission. The Vatican controls the message you hear in church, the Rothschilds control the banking and printing of money from London, and the U.S. Military and Intelligence Agencies do the policing from Washington.

      They are filling our vaccines and spraying our skies (the U.S. government and the U.N. have openly admitted this) with metals such as aluminum, mercury, and barium to suppress our superior mental abilities, to make us sick, and to create as many autistic children as possible which will be the super soldiers of the future (Microsoft and other companies are already hiring specifically autistic employees).

      They have put the Zionist Jews in a position of ownership on paper, to take the blame if their plans get exposed and in return the Zionists get Palestine (Balfour Declaration) which will end up being destroyed anyway in WWIII.

      They are the majority stockholders in all of the Central Banks, mainstream media, Hollywood, fortune 500 companies, military industries, Banking, Publishing Houses, Transportation, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Companies, and on and on……THEY OWN US AS CORPORATE ENTITIES!

      1. It seems reasonable, yet another historical perspective of a system of evil whose roots go back to the biblical beginning, but did it really start there? I don’t know enough to say, but I do take exception to the inferior role of the Zionist Jews in our “more recent” development of a new world order. What of the Neplilim bloodline? The Ashkenazim? The Talmud, the Zohar and the insidious establishment of the Noahide Laws? What role do these elements play in perpetuating the new world order agenda?

        1. Correction in my previous comment. It’s not the “Zionist Jews” who are behind the world’s disease. It is Zionism or the Zionist Agenda and all of the evil that adheres to its doctrine and use Zionism as a sword and shield to conquer the world. To understand the enemy, we need a point of focus, not a thousand points of darkness steeped in our ancient and esoteric past. The Zionist Agenda lies at the heart of the today’s New World Odor.

      2. Ashleigh Miller

        Wow Bruce.. that is so informative! Lots to unpack and follow up on there. Do you have any more info on man being a corporate entity, law of the land, the straw man etc? Are you on social media or do you have tour own webspace?

  2. Its interesting that both snake symbols represent false gods of Greece and Rome and the Hippocratic oath is also to false gods. Perhaps the problem is the false gods all of whom are of satan, the prince of this world. Satan has made healthcare the belly of his beast system to pay off his Merchants of Babylon who use their profits to fund spiritually wicked individuals into public office where they pass laws that protect themselves from those who would expose their lies.

  3. Linda Chastain

    I followed you here from yt. Follow RFB, Dr Dave Janda, Operation Freedom with Dr Glidden. So much information and truth has been hidden from us over the years. My Grandfather always said my Mom had polio aften receiving a vaccine at age 7. My Momma would be 86 if she were alive today. My oldest daughter had a double mastectomy just before lockdown, she’d been taking *Panacur pharmaceutical grade dewormer for canines which starves the cancer cells cutting off the sugar supply. Her tumors had shrunk or were gone before her surgery. She’s on chemotherapy once a week now. I do not want her on the poison but she is following doctors advice. $$$. Her husband takes excellent care of here. I will sent this movie to her in hopes she’ll watch it. I love you all in Christ. Hugs.
    *Orange box 40 lb dog, 3 packets per box, 4 doses per packet. 12 doses total every other day for 4 months. Sprinkle on toast, mix in cereal etc. No flavor or side effects known. I’m not a physician just a caring Mom, Grammy. God bless you you all.

  4. Hello good people. I’d recommend converting this video into a more manageable format. Almost 1GB per hour for 720p content is way, way too much. You should lower the bitrate at least 4 times to make this file a bit more internet friendly. And, of course, thank you for providing this material.

  5. Fascinating content it supports my beliefs entirely. Thank you Dr Kaufman everyone should watch it and share, we need more like this to expose the truths.


    Hello Thanks for your very informative video … would you please send a link to the referred book in free pfd “Murder By Injection” .

    thank you

  7. How do I get a copy of the book you mentioned ? I can not seem to find the link you mentioned .Thanks so much

  8. The video starting at 34:18 is a fake video of Bill Gates holding a presentation. Even though the documentary does not point out that the presenter is old William the fourth himself, such material, in my view, should not be part and parcel of any serious documentary as it is misleading and it will help detract from the rest of the message.

    I would like to direct your attention at a detailed deconstruction of this fabrication by James Corbett https://www.corbettreport.com/fact-check-bill-gates-and-the-god-gene-vaccine/

    It is my hope that you will consider the information provided and come to the unavoidable conclusion that the documentary needs to be revised and this “presentation” excluded. Regards.

    1. I like James Corbett’s work and watched his criticism on this video. I agree with him that it was not Bill Gates but I do not agree on the fact that it was a fake video. He only deconstructed the technical aspects of that recording but the presentation itself took place. Whoever uploaded that video probably did a screen recording or some other way to capture the original, but again, the presentation did take place and there was a presenter facing an audience.

    2. Yes, many of us are aware of the false elements surrounding the “FunVax” video. What is NOT false however is that scientists and researchers have indeed been working with this idea of how to effectively alter human beliefs. Something obviously unethical and immoral. Proof of this can be found around the net. Some keywords you might use to conduct your own research are: genospirituality, “genospiritual engineering”, “god gene”, SLC18A2 gene, vmat2, “vmat2 religious study”. If you are not getting good results perhaps use an alternative search engine like https://swisscows.com/ instead.

      1. Once again Jonathan, priceless information. I went from Google, to Duck Duck (lame), to get away from Google… to your Swisscows…tested it out; it’s a winner. Thumbs Up, Thank You

    3. Whatever you think this video adds to the documentary, should be provided by a less than tarnished source. To what extent is this video not fake? What exactly conveyed in the video is not fake?

    4. I also understand that this was not Bill Gates, and it is suspect as to whether it is actually accurate. It might be, but I haven’t found anything that can verify it.

  9. Hello and thank you, i have known this dark rabbit hole since 1996, and even after 20+ years, no one wants to hear this, especially my mother, who is almost in that pill trap. The information is clear here, but the narration is too dramatized in his inflections, so much so my husband can’t heard nothing else but that voice, like from an old time radio show, The Shadow Knows…. If you ever make another version with a softer, maybe even a lady’s voice, please let me know. i would crowdfund that project! Cheers and Keep up your work, Doc!

    1. I’m from Russia. I find answers for my child’s healing, which russian doctors doesnt give me. I’m happy to meet dr Kaufman in my way. I’ve began to leran English to understand his posts. And slow and dramatic dictor’s voice in this video is so suit to my ill English :-)))

  10. MARKO:
    Corbett Rightfully points out the video you are referring to is not Bill Gates giving the lecture on DNA vaccinations. Other than that, what’s your point other than criticism? It’s not a “fake video”. It’s a real video of uncertain origins. When and where in this short film by Dr. Kaufman does it declare that Bill Gates is giving the presentation on DNA vaccines? Nowhere?

    Thank you Dr. Kaufman for your courage, dedication to actual medicine and humanity. I look forward to your future presentations.

    Proverbs 10:3

  11. I have tried several times to watch this video but only get a black screen. There is no triple dot icon anywhere that I can see to download the video. Help, please. 🙁

  12. Great documentary! funny enough i knew many of these things, ive seen quite a few documentaries on this topic and was recently searching online to watch somthing like this, but couldnt find in the n”new normal” of the google 😉 i hope more of this kinda stuff will become mainstream, cause im tired of this existing medical fraud 😉

  13. “Bloody Marvelous!” and spot on! Watched it twice already and will watch it again and again and again. Is it Ritchie from Boston providing the commentary?!

  14. While I am sympathetic with the themes being explored. I didnt appreciate the way it presents and packages.
    Generally speaking the weaponisation of communication as a persuasion of stimulation package for consumption is systemic – and as such operates a distortion filtering on transparency to true function and desire.
    So I see Andrew – who I appreciate for his congruency of content and delivery – willingly engaging in providing the means for his own dis-association.
    But I only offer this as my perspective to a realm that seems more entranced in identities than of being identified truly in the act of extension.

    But by the other comments, I see this presentation has an appreciation. But is it singing to the choir? (playing on confirmation bias?)
    I share in support of undoing fallacies, errors and lies or cover stories by which we are set at war within ourself and between ourselves.
    Because medical fraud is so corrupt and corrupting, anything that is set against becomes a ‘side’.
    When Jesus said ‘resist ye not evil’ he was speaking for the centring within the whole.
    Undoing evils is truly addressing the fallacies or deceits that they are derivative of. Else we mask in virtue in belief we are made ‘good’ by identity drawn from opposing evil – which does not extend or heal or share love – but sets the rules and conditions for behaviour passing off as ‘love’ or integrity.
    Insofar as there is a signal in the noise or a baby in the bathwater, that was where my attention was given while I engaged with the documentary.

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