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30-Minute Follow-Up Session with Dr. Kaufman

Please Note: This is only for established consultation clients and not eligible for initial consultation unless there is explicit prior authorization from Dr. Kaufman.

You will receive an email after checkout with your intake form and link to schedule your consultation. Completion of intake form and scheduling is required to receive your consultation. It is your responsibility to complete this process. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or need assistance.

This 30-minute follow-up consultation with Dr. Andrew Kaufman is designed to reassess your health journey, measure your progress, and refine your wellness strategy. This focused session is ideal for those who have previously consulted with Dr. Kaufman and are seeking to:

Review Achievements: Evaluate the improvements and changes in your health since your last consultation.
Adjust Health Plans: Make necessary adjustments to your health plan based on your current status and new goals.
Address New Concerns: Quickly discuss any new health issues or questions that have arisen since your last meeting.

Dr. Kaufman will provide personalized feedback and recommendations to ensure your health objectives are being met and that you continue on a path towards optimal wellness. This session is a crucial touchpoint for maintaining momentum and ensuring the effectiveness of your personalized health strategy.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintain continuity in your health care with regular check-ins.
  • Receive targeted advice to tackle any emerging health challenges.
  • Reinforce your commitment to a holistic health journey with expert guidance.

Prepare to engage deeply, as these sessions are concise yet comprehensive, aimed at maximizing your health outcomes within a streamlined timeframe.