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How to Stay Out of the Emergency Department

(And turn an emergency into a victory)


Inside this 60-minute deep dive and Q&A, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know to effectively manage medical emergencies at home.

Plus, you’ll discover how to retain your self-sovereignty even if you end up dealing with the conventional medical system.

"So many lightbulb moments for me."

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Even normies hate going to the ER

So, why do you still go racing to the emergency department instead of stepping into your power and confidently handling injuries and acute illnesses on your own?

Maybe you get squeamish at the sight of blood. Maybe you don’t have time to study natural medicine. After all, doesn’t it take months – if not years, to learn all this stuff? 

Or maybe, you just don’t know where to start. 

But one thing you do know? You want to stay away from the hospital rigamarole. 

Emergency situations often test a truther's best intentions toward sovereignty. And we get it.

It’s not your fault you’ve been force-fed lies by the powers that (shouldn’t) be and you're still extricating yourself from the old fear-based way.  

At some point, they’ve shoved the idea down your throat that…

Natural remedies aren’t effective enough to treat acute injuries and illnesses, like a child’s fever spiking in the middle of the night. Or the deep cut on your thumb you got while practicing your chef-grade knife skills. Or that giant spider-bite your friend got while rearranging the garden shed looking for a shovel.

It’s a waste of time trying to discern between fear mongering, facts, and outright fiction. Because Big Pharma sells a prescription for every problem.

A ‘good’ parent would rush their injured child to the ER – one eye on the rear view mirror watching for flashing lights, the other eye on the road and the occasional glance at the speedometer edging towards the redline.  

The thing is, even in an emergency, you don't want to give your power to the mainstream medical system.

Get ready to stop outsourcing your authority

Learn how to advocate for your health and handle (most) medical emergencies on your own – yes, even for your kids.

Inside this 60-minute deep dive and Q&A, you’ll learn how to take back your power, without interference from the state or conventional medical system. Because you can be your own doctor – even for injuries & acute medical illnesses. 

In this eye-opening, health authority building session, you’ll learn how to…

  • Avoid massive hospital bills by treating injuries naturally at home
  • Discern when you do need to see a doctor (because broken bones don’t set themselves)
  • Advocate for yourself and protect your self-sovereignty – even if you do choose to receive medical treatment

Plus, you’ll learn the top natural first aid remedies you need to handle (almost) any emergency that comes your way AND get the answers to all of your emergency first aid questions.

It’s time to unlock the (real) cure for… 

  • Deep cuts that keep bleeding even after you apply direct pressure
  • Painful stings from insects and sea creatures like jellyfish and stingrays – whether you’re at home or on holidays
  • Nasty bites from snakes and spiders – even if they’re venomous. (Yes, even the dreaded Black Widow.)
  • Acute poisoning, from the tasty looking chemicals your child might help themselves to (aren’t dishwasher tabs pretty!) behind your back
  • Nausea, vomiting, and dehydration – because left untreated they can lead to serious conditions that are easier to avoid than alleviate
  • Pediatric fever and febrile seizures – so when your child’s temperature spikes rapidly and every second feels an eternity, you can care for them with confidence 

And even:

  • That bite you got when you held your hand a bit too close to the adorable puppy who looked so friendly… 

Meet your mentor

Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Hey there, I’m Andy. 

We might have been introduced several years ago when I blew the whistle on the Plandemic and got fired from my position as a psychiatrist. Or perhaps a friend shared one of my many YouTube videos with you. Or it could be that we’ve met via Zoom on a live masterclass in my True Living Fellowship. 

However we met, I’m glad you’re part of this ever growing community of freedom seekers.

Health autonomy is often the first step to true freedom, which is why I’ve been relentless in my pursuit of medical truth. 

I’ve debunked germ theory, promoted healing detox protocols for wellness, and now I’m sharing family friendly natural first aid protocols with you – for free.

It’s time to significantly increase the scope of your health authority.

Join me in the masterclass and learn…

  • How to treat common emergencies using nature’s healing agents.
  • Which restorative remedies you should add to your emergency first aid kit.
  • What to ask yourself before you decide if you should go to the emergency department.
  • How to maintain your health sovereignty, even if you end up using the conventional medical system.
  • Simple preventative measures you can take to avoid the doctor’s office – an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.


No matter where you’re at on your holistic healing journey, this is for you:

How to Stay Out of the Emergency Department

(And turn your emergency into a victory)