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  1. Scott C. Benedict

    Loved the video! Might you consider publishing on your website a one-page flier (as a printable pdf) that summarizes the main points from The Rooster in the River of Rats? That way, people could print it out and hand it to employers, friends, family, or whoever to get them interested in learning more. I believe this is one of the most important challenges we face today, and those who are awake have a responsibility to wake up more people. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Leslie Prescott

    Thanks for explaining in a way that even the average person such as myself can understand. I try to share what I’ve learned from this with friends and relatives, but it seems as though they are more comfortable with the lies presented by the media and that is so frustrating. My one consolation is, with the help of knowledgeable people like you, I can begin to recognize the truth and dismiss the lies.

  3. Might I suggest publishing this as a transcript and printing the included tables/presentation slides, delivering it to President Trump/Pence/AG Barr and requesting to form a new committee consisting of doctors and scientists including yourself who are independent of any of those whose guidelines worldwide were followed based on fraudulent papers, tainted scientific methods, and insufficient evidence. You are the best man to spearhead this!
    Also, it would be necessary to pre-empt all television and radio stations usual programming as an emergency broadcast for the duration of the live stream sessions recorded and played back continuously for as long as it takes to expose the Rats. President Trump, VP Pence and AG Barr could open with a national emergency alert or executive order and whatever it takes. President Trump can create his own media independent of MSM. Have it run You and Charlie Kirk are the best men to spearhead this! I’d also recommend Charlie Kirk and Joe Rogan be guests and any other influential persons. I am so serious about this! Get in touch with Charlie Kirk who is well known to President Trump. He will probably be a good one to coordinate this for you. He spoke at the RNC. This is not a partisan issue.

  4. What I would like to understand and maybe you have more information, is what are they using to determine what they say is the complete DNA sequence and to determine that the spike contains the Furin cleavage point to allow it to enter via the ace2 receptor site. All this information about being created in a lab with “gain of function” doesn’t make sense to me either. I understand what you have been saying and I agree. Just don’t understand what all this other stuff is and how it really fits into the narrative.
    Also, in an earlier interview with you I watched, you mentioned the all-cause mortality figure. Do you have the latest? It is really hard to find if you don’t understand how they hide them.

  5. The idea that there was a novel corona virus was a “script” which was handed over to be put out into the public. There was never any plan to have real science to back up the claim. I have 2 documents to show you proving that there was a pre-existing script to any outbreak. Please send me your mailing address. These cannot be sent by email.

  6. Hello Dr. Andrew,

    I would like to know your opinion on these studies. Are they misleading also?
    “We found that SARS-CoV-2 replicates poorly in dogs, pigs, chickens, and ducks, but ferrets and cats are permissive to infection. Additionally, cats are susceptible to airborne transmission. Our study provides insights into the animal models for SARS-CoV-2 and animal management for COVID-19 control.
    “Results: The Syrian hamster could be consistently infected by SARS-CoV-2. Maximal clinical signs of rapid breathing, weight loss(…)
    Conclusions: Besides satisfying the Koch’s postulates, this readily available hamster model is an important tool for studying transmission, pathogenesis, treatment, and vaccination against SARS-CoV-2.”

  7. Good hello, Dr. Kaufman.
    I appreciate the time you’ve taken to carefully explain how pathogenic viruses have not been proven to exist. As a philosopher I think like a detective & lawyer. My main tools are logic, reason, reductio ad absurdum, Occam’s Razor, intuition, and personal experiences.
    The case you present is simple & clear: You’ve shown us what the Medical Science standard for proof is (Koch Postulates) and you’ve shown us the science papers that claim in their titles to have proven the existence of a pathogenic virus, but, when examined closer, reveal that they did not fulfill any of Koch’s Postulates.
    Just think, if the Deep State OWO Globalists hadn’t started this C19 Hoax, most people would have never questioned the accepted notion of contagious viruses. Most people would have never questioned the notion that colds & flu are contagious. I certainly would not have watched any video presentations about viruses. And now look at the implications: No pathogenic virus exists, so what are the vaccines made of? Big Pharma has been perpetuating a superstition about viral contagions and making more money than God from doing so for the past 100 years. They will obviously fight tooth & nail denying it.
    The underdog aspect of your role in this global drama cannot be overstated, cannot be over-emphasized. It must be hammered into the public’s consciousness with repetition. Most people prefer to root for the underdog if his cause is righteous and his evidence is simple & strong — and you fulfill both requirements.
    Suggestion for Video:
    If “they” won’t debate you, then there needs to be a mock debate conducted in earnest. Perhaps you or Dr. Tom Cowan can play the part of the Devil’s Advocate. The Devil needs to earnestly hammer the same talking points & narrative as Dr. Fauci or Dr. Tedros would (if they had the balls).
    Debate, even a mock one, is vitally important when it comes to exposing a century’s-long hoax. The public needs to see you being scrutinized. They need to see you deal with hardball questions & follow-ups. The Devil needs to research the Establishment’s arguments for proof that a pathogenic virus exists.
    Normally, the burden of proof for claims of an invisible killer falls upon the claimant, but since the majority of the public has grown up accepting that the claim has already been proven to be scientifically true & verified, then unfortunately the burden of proof that said killer does not exist falls upon the disputant. And yet, that burden, in this particular case, is easy to prove: Koch Postulates, the Gold Standard criteria in Medical Science for proving the existence of a pathogenic virus, have not been fulfilled or satisfied. End of.
    I would NOT include any questions or discussion or suggestions or theories as to what causes illness or disease. That’s not relevant to the very specific point that NO PATHOGENIC VIRUS HAS BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST, much less be the cause of illness or disease. To offer up ideas about what causes illness & disease would only dilute the MAIN POINT >> NO PATHOGENIC VIRUS HAS BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST.
    I would echo the same advice regarding WHY the hoax has been perpetuated. It is not relevant to the main point of the debate, the main point needing to be exposed to the public >> NO PATHOGENIC VIRUS HAS BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST.
    Thank you for speaking out and making videos. The C19 Hoax is most definitely a crime against humanity, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for the evil heads to roll.
    Philosopher Newport
    London, England

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