Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

What Exactly Is In Our Water That Makes It Unsafe?

Our drinking water has become contaminated with an enormous amount of dangerous chemicals and parasites. Recent evidence has suggested that there is no natural water source in the world that is free of micro plastics from clothing, cosmetic and other products. Bottled and spring water offer no guarantees of safety. Even bottled distilled water may contain chemicals from the bottle itself.

Heavy metals are one group of toxins in many water sources. These include lead from old infrastructure and arsenic, which may be naturally found but is more likely a product if industrial chemicals. Chromium VI can be very toxic, especially since it might replace the essential chromium III when you are deficient in trace minerals. These metals are removed by distillation or reverse osmosis filtration.

Agricultural runoff may contain herbicides, pesticides, and parasitic organisms from factory farms that invade the groundwater. Chlorine and fluoride additives from water treatment facilities are another problem.  More recently, pharmaceuticals, such as Prozac and blood pressure medications, have been found ubiquitously in western countries.

If you want to keep yourself and family safe, consider changing the water you drink. See my article on Clean Water for more information.

7 thoughts on “What Exactly Is In Our Water That Makes It Unsafe?”

  1. Hello Dr. Kaufman,
    Have only recently learned of your bold efforts to promote health and awareness.
    Been a ‘health-nut’ myself, for years,…Adelle Davis, Bob Hoffman days.
    Triathlete and sold nutrition-supplements (astaxanthin, spirulina and others) as well.
    Thank you for exposing the fraudulent statistics surrounding the so-called Corona hysteria. A reasoned, authoritative voice is so desperately needed today and you’ve met the challenge.
    If any possible way to assist you in those same efforts exists from my end. It’ll be yours for the asking.
    Best wishes and a joyous Easter for all.
    Michael Horton

  2. Hi Dr Kaufman
    Thanks also for speaking out and presenting your information about Exosomes.

    Just looking at the two common additives to drinking water, chlorine and fluorine.
    Linus Pauling proposed an electronegativity scale which described the propensity of elements to attract/steal elections.

    Top of the list as the most electronegative is fluorine followed by chlorine. We drink water containing rampant electron stealers.


    Cheers Phil Curtis

  3. Off topic but, I think the Second Wave Corona will be from all the Sheeple wearing masks making themselves sick from; lowering their immune system, rebreathing their own co2, rebreathing their own toxins their lungs are excreting, etc etc.
    These Sheeple are jogging with masks!😖
    I woke up in The Twilight Zone!!!

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