5 "Health" Foods That Aren't Actually Healthy

healthy living livestream Jun 19, 2024

When a food gets labeled as “healthy” nowadays, you can be sure that it’s the opposite — it’s actually harmful to your health…

Think of the…

…Corporate interests that are paying off “experts” to convince you that their mass-produced meals are your key to longevity…

…Endless array of commercial ads designed to make you believe that their protein powder will help you match the size of Sylvester Stallone…

…Terrorist organizations like the World Economic Forum that are getting their tentacles into every institution to tout the worst foods for humans as “healthy” (in the name of saving the planet, but really to make everyone compliant and controllable)…

Your health is of no concern to these crooked entities, so how do you avoid their traps?

Fortunately, I’ve dug into the research literature, pinned down all the lies, and I’m ready to present you with the hard facts (that they don’t want you to know about).

Today at 12pm ET, I’m going live on Rumble, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook to touch on 5 well-known “healthy” foods that are more harmful than you might think.

Stick around until the very end to get your question answered live!

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