Ending The Gender War with Kelly Brogan, MD

healthy living interviews Jun 20, 2024

I’ve uncovered quite a bit on the agenda to suppress men, but the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are not just after men, they’re after women too…

Under the guise of fighting back against the male-dominated “patriarchy”, seemingly “organic” grass-roots movements, like neo-feminism, sexual liberation, new age, and neo-liberalism, have emerged and come up with novel ways women “should” behave and think of themselves…

A woman should climb the corporate ladder, reach the upper echelons of financial success (to show she doesn’t need a man in her life), dress professionally, and solidify her reputation as an independent woman… because only then will she achieve the safety she always craved…

… Or so we’re told.

Suppose you’re a social engineer wanting to dismantle the natural family to double the taxpayer base and take complete control of all the children — coercing their conformity through compulsory schooling — dividing the sexes is an ideal place to start.

Thanks to the neo-feminist movement pitting women against men, and similar men’s movements, like MGTOW, that pit men against women… they’ve been able to accomplish just that, and a whole lot more…

How do we embrace our natural gender roles (free from cultural perversion) and reconcile our differences?

Answering that question has been the mission of my friend and colleague, Dr. Kelly Brogan.

After climbing the corporate ladder and graduating from prestigious academic institutions, she managed to break free from the cultural influence and find true fulfillment through spiritual development, rather than worldly gain.

Having specialized in psychiatry, like myself, her insights eventually shattered the mythology modern medicine has built around the causes and treatment of depression in her New York Times bestseller A Mind of Your Own — a book that eventually led to my own departure from the medical system.

In this eye-opening interview, we touched base on the various elements responsible for this great gender split, the consequences it has had on society, and how we can turn the tide towards a better future.

I want to thank Kelly for sharing her wisdom — not only guiding women to truly get in touch with their own desires and embrace their feminine energy — but also helping both men and women find depth and intimacy in healthy relationships and put an end to the intergender hostility.

I hope you will enjoy this uplifting message.

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