Stepping Away from Dietary Dogma with Paul Saladino, MD

healthy living interviews May 31, 2024

When it comes to diet and nutrition, the last place you want to go for advice is the medical establishment. Their definition of a “healthy” diet will likely put you on the stretcher…

That means that you’re going to have to do your own homework, and that’s no small feat considering all the conflicting views on what a “healthy” human diet actually is, especially when it comes to men’s health…

Knowing full-well that grocery shelves are filled with synthetic, hormone-disrupting garbage—slowly turning strong, defiant men into docile yellow-bellies—the ability to recognize which foods will optimally strengthen you both physically and mentally becomes critical in these times…

I’ve been tumbling down this neverending nutritional rabbit hole for a long time now, and I’ve encountered many invaluable voices. But there’s one individual who stood out like nobody else… the illustrious Dr. Paul Saladino.

Paul has been at the forefront of the carnivore community for a long time, so much so that he has even worn the title of “Carnivore MD”.... And he’s an archnemesis of Big Pharma and its evil twin-brother, Big Food…

Occasionally dropping by places like McDonald's and Chipotle to reveal the harmful ingredients contained in their infamous “Happy” meals and Mexican burritos made him extremely popular on Youtube…

(It’s useful to know when your son’s Chicken McNuggets are fried in seed oils and contain a whopping 30 ingredients you couldn’t pronounce if you tried.)

After 2 years of doing the carnivore diet, Paul eventually decided to add organic fruit and honey into his diet. And since those foods don’t exactly typify a carnivorous diet, he morphed it into the rubric of ‘animal-based,’ with the addition of various organ meats and raw dairy products.

Being a broad-minded thinker, and no stranger to controversy, like myself; Paul was bound to be a guest on my Healthy Living Interviews series, and today we finally made it happen!

During our remarkable discussion, Paul reflects on his long-distance journey of becoming a psychiatrist, and how he eventually parted ways with the allopathic priesthood and adopted a natural approach to healing…

“On the first day of medical school, they told me: ’50% of what you’ll learn is going to be wrong.’ I found it very ironic when a physician questions anything dogmatic in medicine and then gets thrown out of the kingdom.”

We also touched on the difference between beneficial and unhealthy carbohydrates, the xenoestrogen deluge and its effects on men’s hormones, and the perils of seed oil consumption.

I have much appreciation for Paul and his inspiring work. It’s rare to find avid contrarians like himself who continue to point our collective understanding of health in the right direction.

Make sure to check out his hilarious, yet enlightening Instagram videos, and his amazing collection of animal-based artistry.

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