The Fall of Men's Fertility: Why Sperm Counts Are Plummeting

healthy living livestream May 29, 2024

Men’s fertility is becoming a big problem. You’ve probably seen the statistics on men’s sperm counts… and they don’t look good.

What’s more, while we’re being berated with an onslaught of hormone-disrupting chemicals, the majority of men’s semen is laden with countless toxins that are deteriorating its quality and priming the pump of infertility.

In light of these toxins, the questions I've received about 'sexually transmitted diseases' might finally get an answer that doesn't bring germs into the fold...

From my perspective, you won’t even need an illusory germ to account for STDs once I show you the toxic burden present in the modern man’s semen.

But here’s the good news…

Today at 12pm ET, I’m going live on Rumble, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to examine the research on toxins in semen, and highlight how you can preserve your fertility, sperm quality, and most of all, your masculinity.

Stick around after the presentation to get your questions answered!

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