The Fight Against Masculine Misguidance with Rashad Evans

healthy living interviews May 27, 2024

Most men, especially young men, have become completely lost in our modern era…

The masculine constitution is being attacked from all directions…

…Resentful and envious egalitarians are portraying men as “over-ambitious, tyrannical patriarchs that are out for nothing but power and dominion”…

…Modern-day culture is depriving men of self-determination, purpose, and independence; producing a throng of infantilized men who are incapable of contending with the modern world’s challenges and injustices...

…Machiavellian pick-up artists and self-help gurus are milking stray men of their savings with the hope that their dream girl or flourishing promiscuous sex life is at the end of their “$4290 masculine exhibition program”…

And so on.

There are many pitfalls on the path toward masculine actualization, and it's time to fight back against the deceitful ideologues holding back the true masculine potential...

This is why I decided to bring on the greatest fighter ever, to help us evade and counter the canards of social engineering; “Suga” Rashad Evans.

Defeating the renowned Forest Griffin to become the champion in the most cutthroat weight class in the UFC in 2008, the light-heavyweight division, and having coached several young, up-and-coming fighters on The Ultimate Fighter in 2009...

...Rashad can teach you a thing or two about the peaks and valleys of fame, fighting, and reaching your ultimate potential.

As men, we always show strength in the face of struggle and hide our weaknesses behind a cloak of emotional indifference. After all, being weak is a major faux pas in the masculine ecosystem.

But as he neatly points out during our interview, our emotional side is essential to the development of our masculine qualities.

The man who integrates his feminine qualities resembles a complete man far more than the man who represses them.

We also touched on the pursuit of true love, the safeguarding role you play as a father, and the perks of being humble in a world filled with hubris.

Rashad is 4 ft. wide, tough as nails, and has dynamite in his hands, but he is also high in agreeableness, mentally and emotionally developed, and has a heart of pure gold; making him not only a fighting champion, but a champion in life; a quintessential role model.

It’s been a true pleasure to speak with him, and I hope you’ll enjoy this interview.

Make sure to spread it far and wide.

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