Why You Should Exercise While Fasting

healthy living livestream Jun 26, 2024

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Most people are under the impression that you need to eat before a workout to “fuel” yourself up, or else you’ll lack the energy to perform at your best.

But what if I told you that was a myth?

The truth is you don’t need an energy drink, a protein bar, or even a banana…

…because the best way to exert yourself is in a fasted state.

Whether you’re training for a Jiu-Jitsu match, preparing for a diving competition, or simply want to enhance your strength and conditioning, your body can perform miracles when it focuses all of its resources on the physical exercise (rather than having to digest what you ate prior).

Today at 12pm ET, I’m going live on Rumble, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to reveal the far-reaching benefits of exercising in a fasted state, and how it can help you reach new levels of athletic performance.

I’ll show you:

- How you can increase physical endurance through fasting

- Why consuming food before a workout can hurt your results

- How fasted exercise can help you burn fat much quicker

Stick around until the very end to have your question answered live!

See you soon!

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