Zeolite: The Solution to Heavy Metal Pollution

healthy living livestream Jul 02, 2024

The field of medicine is fraught with charlatans (and I don’t just mean Big Pharma).

There are many natural “remedies” with no scientific basis to back them up…

That is why I always lean towards a tried and true few that have multiple proven healing benefits.

Zeolite is one of them.

In an era where we’re constantly being exposed to various fat-soluble toxins, food dyes (like Red #40), and heavy metals — resulting in constant fatigue, brain fog, and gut issues — a chelating mineral like Zeolite may be just the thing we need to overcome them.

Today at 12pm ET, I’m going live on Rumble, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook to reveal the amazing benefits of Zeolite, and how it can help you stay clean in a toxin-laden era.

You’ll learn:

- What variants of Zeolite you should avoid and which one will give you the greatest results in improving your health

- How Zeolite removes heavy metals and other toxins from your body (without drawing out essential minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium)

- Why I always keep Zeolite in my natural first aid kit!

Stay tuned until the very end to get your questions answered live!

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